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General Info

A Spanish speaking country Guatemala has quite a few indigenous speaking languages such as Cakchikel, Tzutuhil. In the nearby village of San Marcos they speak about three different dialects. Depending on the time of the year you may find in Pasaj-Cap assistance in english, spanish, german, portuguese or french. But it may also happen that you have to deal with only spanish speaking people.
Average temperature in the day time is 83°F (28°C) and 58°F (15°C) the whole year round. Winds over the lake comes mainly every afternoon in a smooth way but from November to February northern winds shows up from time to time. Rainy season goes from May to October with a break in July and August. Rains come mainly in the afternoon.
At an altitude of 5.000 feets (1500 m), Lake Atitlan faces three impressive volcanoes of 10.000 feet (3000 m). Don’t worry they are not active but from time to time you may see the burning lava coming out of the far away volcano Fuego, distant of 60 kms.
Climate is one of the best in the planet. Never too hot, neither too cold and sunny most of the year.

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