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General Rental Conditions

Check in 12:00 am
Check Out at 11:00 am



1. The  rental contract:
Following confirmation of your personal and rental details, we will send you an e-mail containing your rental contract and all the necessary information for you to pay  the deposit. Using this information, You can and pay for your deposit.
We ask you to conserve a copy of this document.  After checking that all details are correct, use one of the payment  facility mentioned in our information.  By making payment you automatically accept the general rental conditions.
It is upon receipt of your payment that your booking is definitively confirmed.
The determined duration of the stay is defined in the rental contract.
The renter can under no circumstances exercises the right to remain on the premises at the end of the stay.
The renter shall in no way use it to carry out any activity of a commercial or professional nature.
In all cases, the person designated on the rental contract will accept the general rental conditions on the part of all renters and will therefore be held responsible for any damage or loss incurred by them or by visitors to the apartment during your rental.

2. Rental payment:
Payment instructions are sent together with the rental contract.
It is on reception of your payment that your reservation is definitively confirmed.

3. Your stay:
The rental begins from 14:00 noon and ends before 11:00 a.m. on the dates defined in the rental contract, unless earlier arrival or later departure are approved by the owner. The apartment cannot be occupied by more than the number of people stated on the booking agreement, unless specific agreement is given by the owner. 
Pets are not permitted, unless specific agreement is given by the owner. 
Apartments are no-smoking, unless specific agreement is given by the owner.
Our rentals are situated in a residential area, therefore we ask our clients to respect their neighbours by not making excessive noise, especially early in the morning and late at night, both in the apartment and communal areas .
We ask you to send your arrival details as soon as possible , so that we can organize your check-in

4. Security deposit:
The amount of the security deposit generally depends on your length of stay
Any damage or loss that occurs to the apartment or its contents during your stay will be debited from the security deposit  or replacement receipts will be provided for repair of damaged/missing items or for supplementary cleaning.
If there is no damage or loss, your security deposit will be reimbursed in full.
In the case of important damage or loss, the owner reserves the right to take legal action against the renter. This booking agreement is governed by Guatemalan law and any dissent arising from its execution will be dealt with under the exclusive competence of Guatemalan Courts.

5. Cancellation :
The details of the cancellation conditions will be  clearly set up in your rental contract. There is a fairly reasonable fixed charge if you cancel with  more than 45 days delay. Within a shorter delay  you might lose the amount paid as a security deposit.   
Should you interrupt your stay, and if the owner’s responsibility is not implicated, there will be no reimbursement.

6. The rental price includes:
Water except the drinking water tanks
- Electricity and gas 
- High speed internet connection
- Bed linen and towels..

7. The condition of the rental on arrival and departure :
Rentals are in a clean condition at the time of your arrival. We ask you to leave the apartment in the same clean condition on your departure. Should you not wish to take care of the cleaning yourself, a professional cleaning service is available (see additional services). Should you not opt for the professional cleaning service and the apartment is not left in the same clean condition in which you found it on your arrival, the cost of professional cleaning will be retained by using the security deposit.
Sheets and towels are cleaned by our team,  so at the end of your stay we ask you to leave the ones  you have used folded on the bed.
Please remember that the rental is privately owned and the owner makes every effort to make your stay as pleasant as possible in a home away from home. In return, we ask you to respect the owner’s property and possessions as if they were your own and to maintain the rental in an orderly manner during your stay.

8. Additional services:
Information on how to get to the rental on arrival is provided by the owner or his/her representative. They will also be happy to arrange a private shuttle for you on your arrival/departure.
A “guide to living in your apartment” will provide you a lot of information “how to go around”

9. Obligations of the owner:
The owner agrees to place the rented premises at the disposal of the renter in accordance with the rental description, to observe the obligations included in the General Rental Conditions and not to request additional charges unless these are stipulated in the rental contract in the "special conditions" .

10. Obligations of the renter:
The renter agrees to take the rented premises as they find them on arrival.
Furniture and moveable objects must only sustain depreciation from the normal use for which they are designed. Those that are, on expiration of this agreement, missing or made unusable for a reason other than normal use, must be paid for or replaced by the renter with the consent of the owner or his agent. If appropriate, the following will be retained:
a) the value of broken or cracked objects ;
b) the cost of washing or cleaning rugs, blankets, mattresses, bedding, etc., that have been stained.
The renter agrees to use furniture and fittings in the rented property for their intended use and in the place they are located. He formally agrees to refrain from moving them outside the rented premises.
The renter agrees to refrain from disposing of objects likely to obstruct drainage (washbasin, bathtub, bidet, sink, toilet, etc) in default of which he will be liable to pay the costs occasioned to restore them to service.
The renter may not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES sub-rent or transfer his rights under this agreement without the express consent of the owner or his agent; he must occupy the rented premises for residential purposes.
The renter must allow urgent works to be carried out in the rented premises necessary to maintain them.

11. The owner’s responsibility:
The owner cannot be held responsible for the temporary defect of equipment, for water leaks, for electricity power cuts, for a water reduction cuts through no fault of his/her own, for loss, breakage or injury due to weather conditions, riot,  strike or any other circumstances independent of his/her control.
In the case that the rental is destroyed or considerably damaged before the beginning of the rental, the renter will be notified by e-mail and completely reimbursed as soon as possible.