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Massage Room at Pasasjcap, Guatemala

Our selection of masseur will provide you with a lot of options of massages (Swedish, thai..  ) or many other healing therapies.  Our massage room is probably one of the most amazing around.
This structure made of large bamboo sticks from the Pacific coast offers a wide and a spectacular view over the lake and the volcanoes. … Right by the shore the music of the water will be part of your relaxation.. The natural  fibers  carpets and  curtains , the wooden tables  helps one feel  a warm and very relaxing  ambience.

Massages and Therapies

Neuro-Lymphatic Massage
This therapeutic massage is based upon the knowledge of reflexes. Reflexes are nerve endings located at different areas of the body, which stimulate the proper functioning of organs and tissues. Through this very precise and orderly massage all body structures are stimulated to cleanse and purify toxins and all substances foreign to the body. Different effects can be expected from obtaining natural states of deep relaxation; cleansing allergies; purging cellulites from the tissues; etc.; up to releasing twisted or out of place bones and joints to their natural state of being and bringing disabled muscles to their proper functions. Continuous treatments with this massage can lead to deep purification of all liquids in the body - lymph and blood, to improved immune function, blood circulation, digestion, assimilation and elimination. The inner and outer states of the body feel and appear simply sparkling.

Energy Body Healing
Through deep abdominal massage and activation of the central nervous system, I assist you to awaken the cellular memories of the causes of erroneous patterns. I use everything I have acquired in my learning and practice, and my innate intuitive skills, to support you in the cleansing and alignment of your energy field for a new start and for a new perception of the reality you are creating. A space opens to gently switch and transform the relationship you have created towards pain, anxiety, anger, frustration, etc., into more self-empowering, growing and loving patterns. I invite you take a trip into the heights of the infinite possibilities of Life!

Shiatsu & Auricular Therapy
This therapy follows the meridian pathways through acupressure with deep, rhythmic breathing to regulate stress factors in the nervous system and to activate vitality. If structural and muscular problems exist, auricular therapy can be used to precisely act on the injury or the chronic pattern the body is holding. It can be used as a preventive treatment to increase body comfort, vitality and emotional well-being, as well as a healing treatment to help balance the body, from its cellular structure to misbehaving emotions or heavy thoughts to come to a state of harmony, peace and joy.

Energetic Physiotherapy
This method treats physical, emotional and energetic blockages. The physical body work on major energetic points is designed to free the body from pain. The emotions from the past and the present which are attached to the discomfort, are guided towards a better understanding and to a place of non return. You will learn a breathing method to continue freeing the body from the pain and the emotions and memories attached to it. It is a simple, quick and efficient method.

Other Treatments Available:
Full Body Massage - Relaxing; Deep Tissue; Medicinal
Reflexology & Foot Massage Lymph Drainage
Shoulder, Neck & Head Massage - Indian Head Massage
Reiki Session - Energy Healing Session

To schedule an appointment, please call us a day in advance.
Appointment times are between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.
One hour session is Q 350 ($ 45); 90 min session is Q 450 ($ 58).
For more than two sessions we are willing to make you a discount.
Call Nadia at: 4053 - 4614 or Bertrand at: 4612 - 7104