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Night Life and Music
Live music in bars and restaurant could be a daily pleasure. So many talented musicians all around the lake from different fields give their own touch to your eating, drinking meetings. There is a Jazz club in San Marcos, and Flamenco bars in Panajachel. The Atitlan Music Festival every March, is an opportunity to discover this exceptional diversity. San Pedro and Panajachel have very good discos and clubs which are very active on weekend with Hot Latin sounds and many more to discover.

If you decide to move around the lake, hiking or exploring by boat/kayak, you will be surprised to find so many amazing restaurants in the middle of nowhe­re with their particular ambiance and food and generally located in gorgeous spots. Apart from that, Panajachel, San Marcos and San Pedro offer dozens of good choices of french, italian, chinese restaurants.

Bookstores & Art Gallery
You won’t need to carry tons of books with you as the area contains many bookstores with a diverse book selections. For art lovers, a nice place to visit is “La Galeria” with its very large collection of paintings and exhibitions.

Wild Life Park & Bird Watching
There are two natural parks on the Lake (Santa Lucia and Panajachel) where you could discover the local wild life. This is also the perfect opportunity to bring your binoculars and watch these amazing birds all over the lake and the property.

Daily Trips
See chapter transportation and remember that there are many amazing villages and places in the surrounding area that you won’t find in any guide book, but are worth discovering on your own.


Thanks to the Mayan art of gardening, the ideal weather conditions and the rich volcanic soils, gardening is just like magic. What a pleasure to pick up your lemon or avocadoes from the garden. Beautiful flowers all over, palm trees.

Coffee Plantation

Less than 10 years ago, Pasaj-Cap was a coffee plantation and we kept some remains. You will be able to see coffee trees and grains. Eventually you can tour some of the local active plantations.

This is a really traditional way of life around here....probably because it’s the kind of ideal place we imagine for it. There are BBQ areas around the property for such activities. We will find a way to make you discover one of the tastiest beefs around.

Handicraft & Antiques
Handicraft and especially textiles, is so rich that it takes years to learn about the traditional cloths and fabrics. You will also find some antiques, furniture and ceramics... Each village around has its own particular identity and traditional work.

Weaving Beading or Ceramic Workshops
For the last twenty years we have been working with the local artisans creating with them textiles, jewellery. Those collections are exhibited in the international professional trade shows and are distributed worldwide. If you have a special interest in that field, let us know.


If you are interested to know more about the Mayan civilisation, Panajachel and Santiago have a local museum.

DVD Rentals Movies

It won’t be that difficult (but even better if you bring your laptop) to spend some time with a good movie. Quite good rentals in Panajachel.

Cooking Bread
& Pizza
A large wooden oven is a working project so that you will soon be able to taste our home made fresh bread or pizza.
Humanitarian Projects
It’s an ideal place to stay for any one working on or interested in a project. We will be pleased to help you as much as possible.

Considering everything above, your are, may be, wondering when are you going to rest. You will probably arrange some of these activities on your own or if you need advice we will be more than happy to help. We can also arrange one or two or even a set of activities to your convenience, booked stress-free.