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How to get Here?

Flight Connections

Flight connections include direct daily flights to Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Washington, Mexico, Los Angeles, Panama and Madrid (twice a week)

Driving from Guatemala City by Road

Driving from Guatemala City by road approximately 3 hour’s drive (175KM). Drive 149 KM on the Pan-American Highway with direction Quetzaltenango (road sign 149KM), then merge on the road to the left with direction to Santa Clara and San Pablo La Laguna. This is a small charming road that offers spectacular views on the lake. Even though this small road is in good conditions, make sure to drive carefully and enjoy the views.. Once you arrive in San Pablo keep driving for another 6KM to San Marcos La Laguna where you will take the dirt road to Tzununa. After another 2KM drive from San Marcos you will arrive in Pasaj-Cap which is found on your right. There are also direct shuttles or bus services from Guatemala City to San Marcos La Laguna.

Driving from Guatemala City via Panajachel then boat to Pasaj-Cap

Driving from Guatemala City via PANAJACHEL by road and by boat Panajachel is about 2 and half hour’s distance from the capital by the Panamerican highway and there are numbers of shuttles and buses that make the trip to that tourist town. Once you get there you should find the regular boat service to San Marcos La Laguna leaving from the Tzanjuyu dock at the entrance of the town. These public boats leave every half hour to San Marcos between 6.30 am to 7.00 pm. This trip takes no more than 30 minutes and prior to departure you will have to ask the captain to drop you at Pasaj-Cap right before San MARCOS, it’s our private dock.