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Swimming All Year!

The refreshing lake waters are at a swimming temperature
between 70°F (21°C) and 75°F (24°C).

Diving and Snorkelling

Don’t hesitate to come over with your gear as the Lake is so deep (1.200 feets/400 m) and dive in the very transparent waters.

Water Skiing
Jet Ski

The lake attracts a few fans sometimes on the week end. If you are one of them enjoy but make sure to respect the peace of the area.


This is one of the best ways to discover the lake shores and to move from one village to the next. Kayak rentals are available in San Pedro.


Its an activity that some locals do for a living with their small “Cayucos”. Restaurants serve fresh fish from the lake. Why not try it ?

Volcano Climbing

One of our favourite walks is this 4 hours hike to Santa Cruz with its spectacular views and its very nice spots to take a rest. We also can arrange a guide if you want to climb up the Volcano of San Pedro.

Mountain Biking
A very nice experience, as you could bike for example the Lake, round trip and so many other interesting biking itineraries.
Horseback Riding

San Pedro (15 minutes away) is one of the place to go for horseback riding. Panajachel has a training center at La Finca “La Vega”.


A breathtaking experience. Skilled, professional instructors will teach you to fly from one of the best locations in Central America. Closest location is half an hour away. They will provide all the necessary equipments for a spectacular flight over the lake. Easy to arrange.

Dancing Courses
San Pedro, San Marcos, Panajachel have dancing or music schools.
San Marcos and San Pedro have a very well equipped gym centers